Pollen Cloud

by The Downtown Merrylegs

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rtb_bandcamp Such heart, fine lyrics, great talent throughout. Love it ! Favorite track: Pistol Dawn.
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released July 13, 2017



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The Downtown Merrylegs Paris, France

The Downtown Merrylegs are a Parisian based Folk/Rock band made up of musicians from around the world,playing the songs of singer songwriter Charlie Seymour.

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Track Name: The Downtown Shuffle
Through the fields
Across the watermeadows
Cap in hand

Went the Vassel to the Castle
To swear his loyalty to the land

To all subjects, this allegiance brings
Through the divine rights of Kings
Whatever it says written on that parchment with a quill
For the continuity of the law, we use force and we will

Through the years
Across the centuaries
Hear austerity's tale

Through the factory trajectory/tragic-tory
Everything is for sale

Working on the old treadmill
Thank Christ you've got a cup to fill

The future's not written, but it's a loaded hand
For the Lords of the land.

Softly blows the sound of summers breeze amidst the evensong
An there behold the secrets of an older world
Another one

But of The Miracles, the Saints and the Angels
Who now knows their crimes ?
In the crowded eighth century cemetary lie Bede's bones
And his reckoning of time
Track Name: The Bonewagon
Past awhile money dread
Dragged me out of bed
On a fine summers morning

Down the factory road
Jumped the Bonewagon load
In town we were born

Screaming “let me go
Give me fifty blind
More corners to turn”

A week for a turn on the money-go-round
Everyday a thousand pigs burn


Up to the neck in bones , blood and guts
I’m on a Bonewagon rut

Verse 2

Past awhile Sluggy dread
Dragged me out of bed
On a fine summers morning

Down the factory road
Jumped the Bonewagoin load
In town we were born

Screaming “let me go
Give me fifty blind
More corners to turn”

A week for a turn on the money-go-round........


Up to the neck in bones, blood and guts
I’m on a Bonewagon rut
Track Name: Pistol Dawn
Shot down the first one around Johnny’s at four
He pulled the drinks, got me sweeping the floor
And out from the street the springtime burst through the door
And i lived in the world, oh like never before


And we drank until the rising sun
Took up the day we’d won
Loaded, reborn
On a wonderful morning, a wonderful morning

Down in the hole drinking Polly Magoo’s
We’ll raise a glass for the weapons we choose
The city of our dreams, they called “A Movable Feast”
Did they lay you down with your toes pointing East?


That you may face the rising sun
And look at the day weve done
Loaded, reborn
On a wonderful morning

We turn to the rising sun
And look at the day weve done
Loaded, reborn
I wonder and mourn

Pistol Dawn 
Track Name: Sunday Bells
Verse 1

Sunbeams came and woke me
Shadows dancing in my room
I heard you call, you kicked the ball
We ran into the afternoon

We should have told the old ones
Which way the wind would blow
But the road just opened up and took me, how was i to know?

Chorus 1

That if you run through the fields
Screaming up to the sky
Dreaming nowt but wings
Then of course you’ll want to fly

And if you take all your hopes
Carve them into the tree
Will they fade with time
Or maybe last eternally

And up Scott’s Hill
With Indian skill
Running still
Jack and Jill

Verse 2

Slowdown, take a look around
Jump the train, go round the bend
I hope the roads you take will lead you where you want to go my friends

As evening falls
And all around us turns and then
You hear the bells and see the Rose
And you’ll be coming home again

Chorus 2

And if you follow the sound
Of the hooves on the street
From a racecourse round
In a marketplace to meet

From a town of its own
In a garden of old
To the Yorkshire Rose
I tip my cap and off we'll go

Up Scott’s Hill
Where Indians kill
Running still
And always will
Track Name: Pollen Cloud
Lost in a Pollen cloud, sailing the seas of Vermouth
Alone in the bar Castaneda, looking my youth
She enters, i look at the clock, and it points to the roof

Could be anyone
Of heavens own daughters
Slipped out into the night
The hot southern wind brought her

Knocked off my pedestal, paid up and followed outside
In the shadow of the Sierra Nevada and thundering sky’s
And all that i sing and i see, is “ A Pair of Brown eyes”

Could be anywhere
I dont know but i oughta
Jumped in the Sharabang
Like Lamb to the slaughter

And i thought i heard her say
“To the hot springs across the plain”

Destiny follows and Chance your a wicked old snake
Todays what your given, tomorrow you’ve gotta go take
And yesterday, sweeter than Rosa, i’ll never forsake

Could be anyone
Of heavens own daughters
Slipped out into the night
The hot southern wind brought her

Took me by surprise
When the sudden moon caught her
She took me by the hand
And led me down to the water

And as we lay in the stream
Oh the rain fell between

I’m Alive!!!
Track Name: Transcending
Take your coat from the wall
And make your way down the stairs and hall
To the street, in the rain
Washing away at the stains
Through the sound of the cars and the buses your walking away

They bowled you over and your sore
Your feeling older but you've shouldered more
And you know, when you bet
There's no time for regret

The worlds out there waiting for you
And you can go stand in line
And ask for a pardon, a place in the garden
And maybe things will work out fine

But you've tasted of the breeze
Now your not so easily pleased

And your a long time gone
So now the fight is on

It's woven into the cloth
It's sunken into the grain
Life is an ocean and wheels are in motion

I won't go back to that shithole again!
Track Name: The Willow Tree
Innocence sings
By the riverside things will be ok
Alone for a while

At Nature’s parade
Take a seat in the shade
Under the Willow trees sigh

For the ways of the world are
Such to contemplate

Ever since the dawn that all was born
At Hell or Heavens gates

Verse 2

Fishing with dreams
Like a vision it seems
I was watching the river go by

Whistled a note or two
Watching them float i knew
Happiness there by my side

But the ways of the world are such
That they call it fate

The day withdrew and night came through
An i’d cast my bait


And by the Willow tree i’ll wait!


Innocent child
Oh whenever you smile
You light up like the stars and the sun

Though the answer still sleeps
And the Willow tree weeps
For the brothers in arms, to the gun

And the ways of the world are
Such to contemplate

We’ll reach the shore and sing once more
Sooner or later

And by the Willow tree i’ll wait
Track Name: The Ghost of Rue du Bagnolet
Here comes the night
Like a guillotine might
In a ghostly Parisian tale

Execution is swift
As a soul floats adrift
From the rose he held beyond the pale

And the wind will rise
By the river side
And fill the sails
With the Banshees wails

Verse 2

Shivers to chill
All thats dead somehow still
Travels back through the shadows of time

Visions appear
On the taste of a tear
What was lost has now comeback to find

Getting colder now
Looking over my shoulder now
Was that you in the crowd
Am i dreaming out loud

Or am i Haunted ?

Verse 3

All jumpy and tight
As it fades in the light
And it flickers and floats through the dark

All reason deserves
With her comingly curves
Will be lost if i put out the spark

From the token vow
To the furrowed brow
Where its all broken bone
And its written in stone

And garding the tomb
Sits the devil one
Starved to the end
But the taste still lingers on
And on

When your Haunted

Verse 4

I can still see her walking by my window
See the sun shining in through the trees
Feel the wind on my face
As i’m running down the road
Trying to catch some lost hope on the breeze

And i’m pushing through all of these people
When i really don’t believe my eyes
Cos there was nobody there
And i’m stuck in the glare
Of the sun
Under Rue de Bagnolet sky’s
Track Name: Guilty
I live my life with strangers
I pass them in the hall
The face that always changes
Has no face at all

I’m walking on the ceiling
Of someone else’s life
His kids are always screaming
And i've never see the wife

Once i was
All ive lost

Chorus 1

And its cold
And there's no more fish in the sea
Hangdog hound is looking at me
Sold my soul
For Whisky and rye
Hangdog hound looking me in the eye

Verse 2

I feel my life’s in danger
My backs against the wall
Another fallen Angel
With no one left to call

The reason why defeats me
As i stumble down the glade
The daylight comes to greet me
But i scramble for the shade

Once i was
Now all is lost

Chorus 2

And it's cold
And they stole the sun from the sky
Hangdog hound looking me in the eye
Sold my soul, a ticket for free
Hangdog hound is looking at me

And......Who’s gonna save me tonight ???